Your Trading Reputation in WoW


 In world of warcraft, yourwow goldtrading reputation is very important. If you cheat someone, you can really ruin your reputation in the future and it can bring a lot of loss to you when you try to buy or sell wow gold in the future. Especially if the cheated person spread the bad words about you, you will be in great disaster. This can be even easier due to guilds and guild chat. So please do not risk creating problems for yourself in the future. Be honest in your dealings and will be rewarded for tradingwow gold.
  If a person somehow messes up and is unable to use the wow item, do not refuse to get thewow itemsback. This is not compulsory of course, you can decide by yourself, but if you do so, it can earn you bonus points in thewow goldmarket place. Moreover, since this is a rare situation it should not influence your bottom line much in buyingwow gold. If you want keep things simple and do not want to have to haggle of bargain with other players, just try the auction house. It is simple to use. Just search for the wow item you want and make a bid for it.

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