Useful Tradeskill Tips in FFXI


  We will make mention Hume and Elvaan for you. If you are a beginner in the Final Fantasy XI, this may be very helpful. Let us get down to both of them right now. Hume is conceivably the most versatile race in the whole of Vana'diel. They are closer to humans in their characteristics than any other race in Vana'diel. The Hume is real 'all-rounder' when it comes to their abilities. So this race may be your best pick if you are not sure of the job role you FFXI Gil will take or if you want to try out different jobs as you progress. However, the Hume is a 'jack-of-all-trades' kind of race and they will never be proficient in one art like the other more specialized races. The Hume are the most well rounded race out of all the others one due to their characteristics. Any class is suited for a Hume. Black Mage is a good choice for the FFXI Gil Hume. With high agility, vitality and HP, they keep their survivability very high. Additionally their high intelligence and MP keep the Hume casting and doing consistent damage. Hume makes very good Thieves. They have average dexterity and agility, which helps with damage and evasion, and strength for their melee attacks. Hume is great Warriors. Their stats make for high HP, evasion, tanking and damage dealing. They don't die fast and are versatile. On the other hand, The Elvaan is one of the five beginner races in Vana'diel. The name Elvaan is a plural variant on the word elf. The Elvaan are tall, elegant and snobby. Most of them are knights and proficient swordfighters. However, San d'Oria is a strictly FFXI Gil Elvaan city, any race can start there. Buy FFXI Gil is provided by We are a global leading FFXI Gil l & Power leveling Service Provider. With over 10,000 satisfied eBay customers under our belt, we promise competitive price, secure transaction, fast delivery and most importantly, 24/7 Live Support Service for our customers. If you are looking for cheap FFXI Gil, you are definitely in the right place that's a click away from your FFXI Gil Online needs.

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